ATHENOS Enhances Dishes with Attractive Specialty Cheeses

Improve your bottom line with a variety of leading ATHENOS Feta—the #1 feta category retail brand1—and ATHENOS Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola.

Well-sized crumbles work wonderfully in a variety of preparations. Plus, and clearly communicated expiration dates on all ATHENOS packaging elements make inventory management easy. And, as a leading brand of Mediterranean-style cheeses, ATHENOS specialty cheeses are available nationwide.

1 ACNielsen, March, 2015

Product Information

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+ Feta Cheese


  • White color adds contrast and character to any dish
UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7027729074 Feta - pails 2 4 lb
7027762300 Feta - pails 2 9 lb
7027729073 Feta - pails 1 28 lb
7027762500 Crumbled Feta - bag 2 5 lb
7027762700 Basil & Tomato Feta Crumbles - bag 2 5 lb
7027762100 Garlic & Herb Feta Crumbles - bag 2 5 lb
+ Blue Cheese


  • Aged 60 days
  • Features a balance of creamy and acidic flavors for a universal taste appeal
  • Excellent blue veining
UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7027720160 Crumbled Blue - bag 2 5 lb
+ Gorgonzola Cheese


  • Aged 90 days
  • Offers authentic old-world flavor
  • Visible blue veining adds to premium appeal
UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7027720170 Crumbled Gorgonzola - bag 2 5 lb

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ATHENOS Feta Cheese Sell Sheet


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Mediterranean Salad
Blue Cheese Burger
Penne With Grilled Chicken
Grilled Salmon