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POLLY-O®: Heralded for Homemade Appeal Since 1899

POLLY-O® Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses look and taste authentic, because they’re made with a process that’s as authentic as the day our family arrived from Italy over a century ago.

Each premium cheese is crafted with the skills that have been handed down through generations, resulting in superior consistency, versatility and quality.

Product Information

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+ Polly-O® Fresh Mozzarella

Creamy water-packed fior di latte with fresh, consistent flavor made daily from the highest-quality wholesome ingredients.

  • Convenient labor-saving portion control sizes
  • Fresh mozzarella adds a premium perception to menu items
  • Complements many ingredients
  • Perfect add-on to prepared dishes
  • Great for all day parts and menu applications
  • No artificial coloring
UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7104006360 Fresh Mozzarella Logs 5 2 lb logs
7104006935 Fresh Mozzarella Ciliegine, .33oz 2 3 lb tubs
7104006936 Fresh Mozzarella Bocconcino, 1.5oz 2 3 lb tubs
7104006937 Fresh Mozzarella Ovolini, 4oz 2 3 lb tubs
7104006938 Fresh Mozzarella, 16oz 2 6 lb tubs
+ Polly-O® Pizza Cheeses

Delicious, premium cheese blend offers a pizza and family-style restaurant favorite.

  • Multiple varieties to meet all of your needs
  • Uniform melt and excellent stretch and color
  • Withstands prolonged temperatures and reheats beautifully
  • Use labor-saving shreds on salads, pizzas and soups
  • Easily blends with other cheeses
  • Exceptionally fresh-tasting, moist loaf slices great for sandwiches and entrées
UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7104007409 Low Moisture Whole Milk Mozzarella 8 7.5 lb loaves
7104007415 Low Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella 8 7.5 lb loaves
7104007405 Low Moisture Whole Milk Fino Mozzarella 8 7.5 lb.loaves
7104007427 Low Moisture Whole Milk Mozzarella Shredded 5 5 lb bags
7104007428 Low Moisture Whole Milk Mozzarella Diced 6 5 lb bags
7104000009 Low Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella Shredded 5 5 lb bags
7104007441 Smoked Low Moisture Whole Milk Mozzarella 2 6 lb loaves
+ Polly-O® Gold Curd

Fresh mozzarella handcrafted with premium, uniform-quality curd made from farm-fresh, grade A cow’s milk.

  • Creates the freshest handmade mozzarella
  • Adds a respected, homemade quality to any menu
  • Cost-effective for large quantities
  • Craft versatile sizes and shapes
UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7104001002 Whole Milk Split Curd 2 21 lb bags
7104001010 Curd 2 10 lb bags
+ Polly-O® Ricottone & Impastata

Light textures and creamy fresh tastes enrich sweet and savory recipes.


  • Hand-dipped for authentic body and flavor
  • Rich, soft and smooth with a mildly sweet flavor
  • Blends well with spices and other shredded and grated cheeses
  • Serve as cool topping, hot ingredient, or with crackers or fruit


  • Dense cheese with dry, firm appearance
  • Takes on sugar easily
  • Great for pasta and pastry fillings
UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7104002115 Original Ricotta 12 15 oz tubs
7104002133 Part Skim Ricotta 12 15 oz tubs
7104002119 Original Ricotta 6 2 lb tubs
7104002135 Part Skim Ricotta 6 2 oz tubs
7104002100 Old Fashioned Ricotta 6 3 lb tubs
7104000032 Original Ricotta 6 3 lb tubs
7104002173 Impastata 2 10 lb bags
7104002199 TLC Impastata 1 30 lb bags
7104003182 NY Original Style Ricotta 6 5 lb tubs
7104003190 Ricottone 6 5 lb tubs
+ Polly-O® Other Cheeses

Delight customers with our selection of exciting, innovative and in-demand cheeses.

UPC Product Name Image Pack Size
7104006326 Part Skim Mozzarella 12 8 oz
7104006312 Whole Milk Mozzarella 12 16 oz
7104006331 Part Skim Mozzarella 12 16 oz
7104018846 Provolone 2 6 lb quarters
7104008002 Asiago Qtr Wheel 2 5 lb quarters
7104008546 Shredded Parmesan 4 5 lb bags
710400003600 Low Moisture Part Skim String 12 12oz
710400003400 Mozzarella/Cheddar Twist String 12 9oz
710400006000 2% String-ums 12 10oz

Polly-0® Point-Of-Sale

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Polly-O® Full Line Brochure
Polly-O® Ricotta Sell Sheet

Polly-0® Recipes

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Ciliegine Panzanella
Caprese Nuovo
Grilled Chicken Panini
Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs
Cheese Pizza
Green Pea-Ricotta Dip
Wild Mushrooms and Ricotta Chicken Roulades
Ricotta Gnocchi
Veal Chop Crusted with Ricotta, Onion, Garlic and Pistachio
Ricotta Frittata
Ricotta and Lemon Thyme Sorbet
Ricotta Meringue